How to Unlock Huntress in Risk of Rain 2
How to Unlock Huntress in Risk of Rain 2

How to Unlock Huntress in Risk of Rain 2

When you’re playing the first Risk of Rain 2 game, you have a choice between playing as a Mechanic, Mercenary, or Bandit. These three characters have very different roles and abilities, so if you’d rather play a different character, you can find out how to unlock huntress in the game.


To unlock Huntress, you must beat the game’s first three levels. There are three different difficulties to choose from: Normal, Drizzle, and MUL-T. All of these difficulties have different requirements, but the end result is the same: you’ll get a Huntress at the end of the first level.

While the default character is the Huntress, a returning character is the Bandit. This character specializes in delivering damage from behind with weapons like guns, daggers, and smoke bombs. It takes a certain amount of skill to shine in this class, so you’ll need to work with this new character to get her skills to shine.

The Huntress’ hard-light bow has auto-aim, so she’ll automatically target enemies with arrows when they’re aimed at you. The Huntress can also shoot while sprinting, which gives her great mobility. Positioning is extremely important for long-term survival, and it helps to invest in items that boost movement speed and fire-rate.


If you’re struggling to unlock the Huntress character, you can use this simple hack to do so. The trick involves completing the third teleporter event without dying. To make it easier on yourself, you can turn down the difficulty settings. After you’ve completed all three levels, you’ll need to push through the final teleporter.

The Huntress has a high DPS but low health, so you must be careful not to get overwhelmed by enemies. However, she has a great burst damage attack and the ability to use Strafe while sprinting. Additionally, she can use Laser Glaive, which can hit multiple enemies up to six times. Lastly, her secondary skill, Arrow Rain, deals AoE damage and slows enemies down.

A Mercenary is a melee character with very low skill cooldowns. The main aim of the character is to chain attacks to damage your opponents and make them vulnerable to your attacks. She also uses her skill invulnerability to her advantage. She can unlock Mercenary by interacting with the mysterious Obelisk after completing the True Respite challenge. After completing this level, you’ll be teleported to A Moment, Fractured, which is a quest for the Mercenary.

A Railgunner is another new playable character in Risk of Rain 2. She is a “lethal markswoman” and enters combat with a signature railgun. Her powerful piercing shots and smart homing rounds make her an excellent choice in combat. You can also unlock this character by purchasing the Survivors of the Void DLC. After you buy the DLC, it will be added to your player account. In addition to the Railgunner, the game also introduces the Void Fiend, a character that harnesses corrupted energy.

Another way to unlock the Huntress in Risk of Rain 2 is to complete a “Mercenary” quest in the Bazaar Between Time. This quest will reward you with a unique item called the Mercenary. The Mercenary will not be available in the beginning of the game, so you should be able to find it within a few days.

If you’re not sure what character to play in Risk of Rain 2, the Commando is a good choice. She deals moderate damage, but also has the ability to penetrate walls and stall enemy movement with her Suppressive Fire. The Commando is also the first to unlock in Risk of Rain 2.

If you’re not a fan of the Engineer class, you can also try the Commando, a character that is very easy to pilot and with powerful abilities. She uses tools like Tactical Dive, Phase Round, and Suppressive Fire to take down enemy hordes. She also doesn’t suffer from fall damage when landing on the ground.


If you are playing the Bandit build, you can find several things to improve your skills. For example, you can use Serrated Shiv on your enemies. Also, you can use Shrine of the Mountain to summon stronger bosses. You can also find the Null Portal by approaching it.

Lastly, you can learn to play the Mercenary character. Its basic mechanics are quite simple and you do not need to spend hours on the game to master it. You can finish a run quickly with this character. It has decent AoE damage and utility skills.

There are several ways to unlock Bandit in Risk of Rain 2. First, you must obtain the Huntress character. Then, you can unlock Bandit. In the Anniversary Update, you can also unlock the Bandit character. However, if you do not have a Huntress character yet, you will have to complete the “Warrior” challenge and complete the 3rd Temeporter event to unlock Bandit. After completing these tasks, you will have access to several special abilities of the Bandit.

After you complete the game, you can unlock more characters. At first, there are only two playable characters: Commando and Huntress. However, you can unlock other characters by completing challenges such as destroying certain characters or finishing certain stages. Each character has a different play style and can be used in a variety of ways.

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