How to Unlock Everything in Super Mario Maker

If you’ve been playing Super Mario Maker, you may be wondering how to unlock everything in the game. While this game is incredibly fun, it can take a while to unlock everything. Some of the things you’ll need to unlock include the night mode, the Builder Hammer, and the Master Sword power-up. Here are some tips for achieving these objectives and more.

Super Mario Maker 2’s night mode needs to be unlocked

If you’re not familiar with Super Mario Maker 2’s night mode, you can unlock it by finding an enemy that is named the Angry Sun. This enemy can be found on the fourth enemy wheel in the bottom part of the screen. You can then switch this enemy to the Moon and activate night mode. However, you can’t activate Night Mode if you have already unlocked Super Mario 3D World.

Night Mode changes the level to nighttime and also changes the music and gameplay depending on the theme. For instance, if you play the Night Mode theme, enemies will move underwater and platforms will be slick. This makes nailing platforming sections and making precise jumps much more challenging. Night Mode also allows Mario to jump higher and further.

The game also comes with a story mode that requires you to rebuild Peach’s Castle and collect coins. This mode is a great way to explore the new features of the game. You can even unlock night mode and new slopes in this mode. You can also play with your friends online.

To unlock Night Mode, you need to unlock the Angry Sun enemy in Super Mario Maker 2. This enemy is not in the previous Mario Maker, but by pressing and holding it, you can transform it into the Moon. You can then switch your level to night mode by ensuring that you’ve enabled the Night mode toggle in the course theme picker. The only drawback is that you won’t be able to play the Super Mario 3D World levels in night mode.

While this game doesn’t require you to upload your creations online, it’s still a great way to create and share your own levels. There are also many other tools to help you make a great level. One of the most useful tools is the Super Hammer. This hammer can destroy a lot of enemies with one blow.

Changing into Link requires a Master Sword power-up

The Master Sword power-up in Super Mario Maker 2 lets you change into the legendary hero Link, the hero of The Legend of Zelda series. It grants Link the ability to attack enemies, raise a shield, and use his signature weapons, including a sword, bombs, and arrows. The sword is very versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways, including aiming in multiple directions.

The Master Sword is a power-up that Mario can gain when he collects it. Link can also use the sword to fight the classic Super Mario enemies. He can also use a shield to block projectiles, dash attacks, and a bow and arrow. In addition, the game also includes bombs, which are a great way to create a unique level for Link.

Changing into Link is another cool feature of the game. Unlike Mario, Link can shoot enemies and use a down thrust move to kill spike-covered Spinies. There are new elements to the game, too, like new enemies and a new play mode. And a new power-up is coming to make the game even better.

Link can also use a trust bow that can be used to attack enemies. It also has multiple functions, such as knocking switches and collecting items. To use the bow, you must have shoulder buttons on the controller. When you press the shoulder button, you will fire an arrow in front of you, while holding it will raise and lower the bow. It’s important to remember that the arrow cannot turn without lowering the bow.

While the Master Sword power-ups are both important in Super Mario Maker, a new feature called Ninjia Speedruns is also coming to the game. This will enable you to try to beat the Nintendo levels in the fastest time possible. Once you beat your rivals, you’ll be rewarded with a gold star around your Mii character.

The update will be available on December 5, and will cost no more than a few dollars. The Nintendo Customer Support Team is available to answer any questions you have about installing the update.

Clearing 10 courses in co-op

In Super Mario Maker co-op, two players work together to create a new level. Each player has a Joy-Con controller to play, and each controls one character, such as Mario or Luigi. The controller allows players to select and copy assets. In order to build a level, players must communicate with one another to make the most efficient course.

The game features story mode and 100+ original courses crafted by Nintendo. These courses are designed to showcase the process of course creation and serve as a fun tutorial. The game also has an offline mode, which allows players to play their creations when they are offline. This feature is an excellent addition to the game’s co-op gameplay.

The newest version of the game includes a new item called Meowser. It is similar to the Meowser character in the original game, but with feline powers. In addition, this version of the game features ten Course Themes that change the stage’s vibe. Some are similar to the classic Ground stage, while others are completely new.

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