How to Get to Level 41 in Destiny Fast

If you’re looking for tips and tricks on how to level up in Destiny fast, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you’ll find information on the Prison of Elders quest line, the Challenge of Elders arena, and the best way to rank strikes and earn Legendary Marks.

Prison of Elders quest line

In the Destiny spring update, the Prison of Elders quest line will be added, bringing the Prison of Elders to life. The game’s new update will add a points system and a weekly challenge for players to complete. It will also add bonus points for precision kills, putting more emphasis on single-shot weapons and providing new challenges to players. Additionally, it will feature two new story quest lines: the Variks story line, which investigates the new Taken leader, and Petra Venj’s story line, which is PlayStation-exclusive.

The Prison of Elders quest line is an excellent way to test your mettle in Destiny, and it will give players a chance to explore and become familiar with a new enemy race. The Fallen have a history with the Saint, and the Saint will find plenty of enemies in the Prison. Fortunately, the Prison of Elders also offers plenty of cover. To maximize your chance of survival, approach it from the far left side, as there is a spawn door nearby. However, you should be aware of the ramp in front of the door in case enemies spawn in the middle of the mission. It is also recommended to approach the Prison of Elders from the high ground, which will give you ample visibility.

The first part of the Prison of Elders quest line is fairly straightforward. The player must fight off enemies that have escaped from the prison. A Drifter will appear to inform them of the situation. They will then guide the player on how to destroy the Warden’s Servitor. The Drifter will also tell players about the ‘Challenge of the Elders’ subroutine.

Challenge of the Elders arena

The Challenge of the Elders is a new challenge mode that can be played in the Prison of Elders. The game features three rounds of minibosses and one boss that changes weekly. Your goal is to kill your opponents with style and win the challenge. As a reward, you will receive an armor piece and weapon. Each round of the challenge also has an enrage timer that can be used to annihilate your opponents.

Challenge of the Elders is a new activity that was added to the game with the April update. If you haven’t played the new end-game activity yet, you can find out more about how to survive it by checking out our comprehensive guide below. We’ve also included information about the weekly reset and new bosses.

The Prison of Elders has bosses of varying difficulty. The level 32 final boss will award you 250 points, while the level 34 boss will award you 350 points. The level 35 final boss will award you with the highest score, and it’s possible to earn a Year 2 Queen’s Gun or PoE Armor by beating him. But be warned! There’s no easy way to clear this arena, so use the tips below to survive!

If you’re an advanced player, you can breeze through the Prison of Elders with ease. This new arena has a lot of challenges, so you’ll want to make sure you have a good amount of back-watching skills. In addition to the boss, you’ll need to be careful to avoid the Psion Flayers and Phalanx. These enemies will also try to slam your shields.

Earning Legendary Marks

There are a few ways to earn Legendary Marks in Destiny. The first and easiest way is by dismantling Legendary Gear. By doing this, you can earn three to five Marks for every piece of Legendary gear you dismantle. This method works for both weapons and armor. Clean up your vault to make room for new gear before the Rise of Iron launches.

Earning Legendary Marks in Destiny can be extremely rewarding. The currency is tied to your account and can be shared between characters. It is also possible to use them to purchase resources in the game. As long as you’re at least Level 40, you should be able to earn enough Legendary Marks to upgrade your gear and buy new gear. However, earning Legendary Marks can be a tedious process.

In order to earn Legendary Marks in Destiny, you first need to reach Level 40. After that, multiple avenues open up. The first is the Daily Heroic Mission. These missions give you fifteen Legendary Marks and are account-wide. As you gain Legendary Marks, you can then spend them at various vendors in The Tower and The Reef.

Another method is earning Legendary Marks in Destiny by participating in certain types of activities. You can earn up to 200 marks by participating in Daily and Weekly featured activities. Afterwards, you can use the Legendary Marks to equip your gear and infuse light. You can also get 15 Marks by doing the daily story. However, this method is time consuming, especially when you have to complete long missions. Furthermore, the daily story doesn’t feature matchmaking, which can be frustrating for some players.

Another way to earn Legendary Marks in Destiny is to complete a Dares run. These can help you earn Treasure Keys. These will unlock Xur’s Treasure Hoard, and you don’t need to have Prosperity Ghost Shell mods to do this. Another method is to participate in patrols or do Daily Story missions. These will help you gain Legendary gear quickly.

Ranking Strikes

In Destiny 2, the Proving Ground is one of the hardest Strikes. This Strike requires you to split up with your team and work together to kill as many enemies as possible in about fifteen minutes. The challenge is increased by the addition of new enemies and environments. Once you’ve mastered the Strike, you’ll have a better understanding of how to complete it.

This Strike features a Wizard on the moon and a remixed boss phase. While it’s not the easiest Strike in the game, it’s still one of the best ones to complete. If you’re looking for powerful gear and Ritual weapons, this Strike will be your top priority.

In order to complete this Strike, you need to be at least level 41. It’s also important to visit the Tower to preserve your streak. Once you’ve done this, you can do any strike to add to your streak. All strikes count as plus one on your streak, including the one you just completed. One of the easiest Strikes to complete is the lake of shadows. The entire strike only takes about four minutes. You can also load it from EDZ and repeat the process five times straight. Depending on the number of champions you kill, you can earn a bonus.

Joining a faction

To level up quickly in Destiny, joining a faction is a great way to start. The faction missions you complete everyday will give you extra experience. Moreover, you will be able to take on enemies of the same faction as you level up. To maximize your experience gain, you can also choose the highest-level PvP missions.

However, you should be aware of some glitches when it comes to quests. These glitches may cause your quests to end prematurely or negatively. For example, if you fail to rescue Joncis Dalomax, your faction’s Imsin will condemn you and kick you out of their faction.

There are three factions in Destiny. Each faction focuses on different attributes. They provide different weapons, armour, and Shaders. It is important to join the one that best fits your character. You can use your faction tokens to buy gear, as well as to purchase unique loot.

Once you have joined a faction, you can purchase the new armor and weapons. It will cost you a bit more money but it will give you a lot of benefits. For example, when you level up, you will earn a new vendor weapon, a special item that you can only use with that faction. It is also important to level up a faction so that you can get a new weapon or a set of armor.

Choosing a faction is essential if you want to level up quickly. If you want to get faster, join a faction that specializes in one particular attribute. For example, the Future War Cult has armour that reduces the cool downs of grenades and super abilities.

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